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At Apex Support Services, we understand that finding the right accommodation is essential for individuals seeking independence and support. Our range of accommodation options, together with our personalised support services, ensures that each participant’s needs are met with dignity. respect, and care.

Youth Services are dedicated to providing tailored support for young people under the age of 18 years. These services focus on empowering youth by addressing their unique needs and fostering independence.

With a holistic and personalised approach, we enable individuals to lead fulfilling lives, promoting inclusion and well-being.
Apex Support Services provides tailored core supports including personal care and household tasks, fostering independence.
Our capacity building services focus on skill development and empowerment through specialised therapies and training programs.

Services We Provide

Community participation

Daily activities/personal care

Group/day centre activities

Household Tasks

Lawn Maintenance and Gardening Services

Meal preparation

Respite services and short term accommodation

Supported independent living (SIL)

Transport services